Telecom Billing

Gotanet Telecom Billing is a service in three different variants, Retail, Wholesale or Rating only. The Telecom Billing is including all functionality for a flexibel service provider such as mediation, bucket handling and rating.The Billing service is a well proven solution used by telecom operators since 2005.

Telecom Billing

Billing from Gotanet can be used for telecom operators connected to several different types of networks where one can be VoIP Interconnect. The high-performance CDR parsing together with mediation functionality gives you as telecom operator the tool you need to produce your invoicing. Your telecom network can be connected to one or as many sources of CDR flows as you like and independent if you are working with wholesale, B2B, or B2C Customers, Gotanet gives your business correct invoicing. Telecom Billing, developed by Leissner is a service that solves all the needs for telecom operators from subscription provisioning to advanced telecom functionality such as rating, mediation and bucket management.

The Leissner Billing system is well proven by a large number of telecom operators since the launch in 2005. Billing from Gotanet can be used in various setups for managing invoicing to B2C, B2B or wholesale functionality.

To follow the telecom operators needs of low cost of ownership, Gotanet has a pay as you go business model  scaling from a small operator up to the needs of a large operators with wholesale or reseller functionality.

Telecom Billing

Price lists and pricing/rating

Telecom Billing from Leissner handles an unlimited number of price lists and types of rates  one-time fees, periodic fees and usage charges. It is easy to manually add non-recurring items related to projects or similar. There are functions for managing master price lists and price lists, where the price lists inherit rates from the overlying level.

The system can also handle different types of discount pricing. Discount price can be based on individual client/customer groups, time periods/intervals, destinations, and can be stated as a percentage of the regular price or fixed discount. 

Pricing of telephone calls can be made at three levels: The operator’s cost of the call, retail price and the end user price. It is possible to monitor timestamps and margins of the individual calls.

Telecom Billing features

Functional Group Features Rating WHS Retail
Subscription handling Single subscriber price plan
Multi subscriber price plan
Customer Management
Service and contract management
Roaming pricing
EU Roam Like At Home
Sales ledger
Subscription credit blocking and alarms
Provisioning of subscriptions
Billing Clearing house connections and electronic invoice
Reseller management
Bucket managing
Operations Web interface
Multi Language
Customizable user levels
2-factor authentication
SOAP/REST integration
Billing development

● = Standard function, included
○ = Optional function