Gotanet Wholesale

Gotanet, established in 1996, is a competent and reliable telecom operator in Sweden. As your wholesale partner Gotanet delivers different kind of services with high quality and availability. In our portfolio we have many services for all kind of telecom operators.

Gotanet Wholesale

Gotanet was founded by Leissner, an established IT-software development corporation founded more than 50 years ago. Today the companies acts as sister corporations and together this two organizations has long and broad competence in telecom services. Gotanet offers a complete package of wholesale services to independent operators, service providers (SPs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs).  

Voice Switching

Gotanet Voice Switching is an advanced softswitch solution and the service can be used in many different ways as your telecom central switching point.

Telecom Billing

Gotanet Telecom Billing is a well proven solution used by telecom operators since 2005. The service can be deliverd in three different variants: Retail, Wholesale or Rating. 

Swedish Number Hosting

Gotanet offers international operators to host or rent Swedish number ranges with global coverage.

VoIP Interconnect

Gotanet VoIP Interconnect is a SIP interconnect service with the highest telecom quality and with attractive pricing.


Gotanet offers A2P SMS services using API or web interfaces.