Looking for MEX services?

We offer MEX services! Have you delivered a pbx to a customer who´s asking for MEX? We have the solution!

We know the MVNO market!

We offer MVNO solutions without big commitment and with our long experience we guide you through the administration.

150k SIM cards in the platform!

We are growing fast as our Service Providers are succesful in taking market shares!

Welcome to Gotanet Wholesale

Gotanet offers a complete package of systems to independent operators, service providers (SPs) and Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). As a smaller and more personal supplier, we can customize our systems to meet customer requirements. Gotanet Wholesale is part of Leissner Group with many years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Within the Group, we have about 35 employees in our offices in Trollhättan and Gothenburg. All the systems and services Gotanet offers are produced by Leissner Group.

Gotanet offers MVNOs agreements where a customer can produce unique services in it´s own brand. This allows the customer freedom to create subscriptions and services with the opportunity for good revenue. Gotanet also offers MEX services for SP:s with a focus on advanced switching solutions.

If you choose Gotanet Wholesale you get a full service provider that handles billing for mobile and VoIP calls. We have systems for handling customer number ranges and number portability and if you want to be on the safe side even anti-fraud system.

Gotanet Wholesale has a smaller costume and lower costs than the major suppliers, which ultimately means that we can offer customers lower prices. Our support is fast and personal and there are short ways to contact the developers who can solve your specific requirements.