Swedish Number Hosting

Gotanet Number Hosting is a service for international operators that have assigned Swedish number ranges to orginate voice and SMS traffic. Gotanet has extensive experience of handling international operators number ranges and orginating telecom traffic through Gotanets already established routing prefix.

Swedish Number Hosting

Number hosting from Gotanet can be delivered in two flavours:

– If you have established a telecom operator in Sweden, Gotanet is able to implement your number ranges on Gotanets routing prefix to ensure that your numbering resources are reachable from all other networks in Sweden.

– If you choose not to register as a telecom operator in Sweden you can resell Gotanets Swedish numbers. Gotanet have all possible Swedish number ranges with global coverage available for rent on a montly basis. This service gives you the opportunity to, at a small cost and administration, start up a business that requires Swedish numbers.

Both options include Number portability, Lawful intercept and Emergency services.

When using Number Hosting your traffic is routed by Gotanets routing prefix and all your voice and SMS incoming traffic will pass Gotanets Voice Switching. Connection between Gotanet platform and the customer is handled via a SIP trunk. Termination of outgoing Swedish domestic voice and SMS traffic are available through Gotanet VoIP Interconnect service.

If your business case contains large traffic volumes, Gotanet can offer a solution for revenue sharing.