Looking for MEX services?

We offer MEX services! Have you delivered a pbx to a customer who´s asking for MEX? We have the solution!

We know the MVNO market!

We offer MVNO solutions without big commitment and with our long experience we guide you through the administration.

150k SIM cards in the platform!

We are growing fast as our Service Providers are succesful in taking market shares!

VoIP Platform SAAS

Gotanet offers a VoIP platform as a service (SAAS) for carriers and service providers in Sweden and the rest of the world. Gotanet have a palette of services to choose from in our telephony platform – Leissner Operator Switch. As a customer to Gotanet you have an opportunity to design your own telephony solution with an uniqe sales pitch that could address both private and business customers.

We offer

  • SIP interconnect traffic with attractive pricing
  • SIP trunks with channels of your choice
  • Possability for several Operator trunks
  • an advanced VoIP switching system that supports SS7/ISDN/SIP/MGCP signaling gateway
  • a complete residential gateway solution.
  • hosting services with alarm and monitoring
  • a complete palette of systems needed for a service provider
  • systems produced with the knowledge within the Leissner Group