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Premium rate numbers

Gotanet is one of a few operators who have direct agreement with the cleeringhouse which means that no intermediaries cut on revenue.

Premium rate numbers in Sweden are 0900, 0939, 0944 and 099 and calls to these numbers end up on the subscriber’s phone bill. A Clearinghouse receives call records (CDRs) from the content provider – usually via an aggregator – and convey them to the subscriber’s operator.

Premium Call is a service where we can offer a complete solution for aggregators who will be able to offer content providers a service for accepting payment via premium rate for voting, tarot, dating or cost-bearing support services.

Premium Call features

Gotanets service is all inclusive including connection to the telephone network, number from our premium rate series or in-porting of existing numbers, access to a web interface, communication with the Clearinghouse, etc.

Content providers can access the web interface for self-administration and it can be exposed via an address in your own domain, eg via www.premiumcall.foretag.se, so your customer feel that the service is produced by you.

The web interface supports management of customers, services, prices, answering positions, black lists, reports, crediting calls etc. Answering position can be set based on load balancing, by chance, longest free or by day and time.

It is also possible to connect the service via SIP, or other telephony protocols, to your own switch where the content provider is connected, to avoid traffic costs through the PSTN.


 Premium rate calls - Administration